My Mission: Caring Therapist, Serving People, Enriching Lives

A Different Approach

My name is Meg Oliver, and I am a skilled, experienced, and caring Licensed Massage Therapist who has also taught massage at the collegiate level.  Ageless Balance, LLC provides a full menu of massage services and posture balancing in historic downtown Conway.  Our address is 315 Main Street, Suite 9A, Conway, SC.  I am skilled in Chair Massage, Gentle Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, PTSD relief,  Scar-Reduction Massage, Aromatherapy, and Scrubs


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NOW OPEN and available to serve you!

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Now open in conway

I am also a certified Posture Balancing Specialist.  Many aches and pains may be posture-related and easily-addressed through Posture Balancing. Call me NOW if you have questions or you want to schedule an appointment.  


 Swedish Massage

Light massage performed on a person who is lying on a massage table.  The entire body (except private areas) may be massaged.  Gentle yet effective at addressing the clients needs.

hot stone massage

Light massage performed on a person who is lying on the massage table.  Therapist holds smooth hot stones and glides them across client’s skin to transfer warmth to muscles.  Provides warmth deep down into sore muscles.

deep tissue massage

Massage of all major muscle groups using deeper pressure to help work tension out of sore muscles.  Effective way to provide pain relief.

Posture Balancing and Life Coaching

Some pain can be caused by posture imbalances and I can show you in how to fix that yourself.  At times your life might feel out of balance.  I can help you move forward.


crystal j.

Met Meg in Colorado at her Massage place.. She is a ONE OF A KIND Lady.. She listens to your needs, helps you decide what will work best for your aches and pains.. She understands each massage is a healing process.. I just loved her knowledge and caring attitude. I HIGHLY recommend her services. You can’t go wrong.

Susan C.

Meg has taken the time to understand my injuries and issues and has worked with me to personalize my treatment. Very professional, compassionate and well trained. Meg has also given me exercises and the tools to use at home to help alleviate my back pain due to my posture imbalance. My Mom and I have been going to her for over 3 years and it has truly made a huge difference in the quality of my life. Highly recommend her service

Jo-anne b.

“I am impressed with the results of the Posture Balancing program! After only 1 month I am seeing improvements in posture and pain level! Looking forward to more of the same! Meg’s massages are awesome! My favorite is the myofascial release – thanks Meg!”



I am a Georgia girl who migrated to South Carolina a few years ago. Teaching massage at the collegiate level has enabled me to remain up-to-date in my field.  I’m also a published author who loves flowers, yard work, and my family.

Meg Oliver, Licensed Massage Therapist and Posture Balancing Specialist
Bachelor of Science and Experienced South Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist, Posture Balancing Specialist,  and Life Coach.

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